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Sunday 19 September 2021  
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Rentaracecar trackday rental car runs a 12 second qtr!
18 June 2013

*** Update - new PB of 12.5 @ 113mph from the TD04 equipped Rentaracecar wagon after activating the Full Throttle Shifting function within the EcuLabs software now available for all MY99 & MY00 Subaru Impreza's, Foresters and Legacy's ***

Congratulations are in order to Rentaracecar and one of their fleet of trackday rental cars, namely their MY99 Subaru Impreza Wagon that managed a 12.72 second quarter mile time crossing the line at 110mph!

Now initially that may not sound that special in an Impreza however you just have to look at the spec to truly appreciate it.

The Rentaracecar MY99 Subaru Impreza Wagon runs the original UK 2.0ltr engine, gearbox, ECU (we'll come back to this a little later) and Subaru supplied TD04 turbo - yes that's right, a TD04!

Rentaracecar trackday rental car runs a 12.7 @ 110mph on a TD04!

A top mounted intercooler is still fitted, although it is a little larger being sourced from a MY04 WRX, and a K&N cone type filter has been added pre MAF sensor rather than the OEM airbox. We would've preferred to retain the airbox however we just could not extract more than 280bhp from the little TD04 with this airbox in place so a more efficient induction was required. It's nothing special, just a generic K&N cone filter with an opening of equal size to the MAF housing.
Combined with this is a bell-mouth type decatted downpipe that slims down to 2.5" to fit the small bore type system Rentaracecar have to run to keep in line with circuit noise restrictions, although for the drag event a lightweight 3" titanium exhaust system was chosen to reduce weight. The titanium system weighs just 4.1kgs which is some 8.6kgs lighter than the stainless steel system normally used on the Rentaracecar MY99 Subaru Impreza Wagon.
The adjustable Tein coilover suspension, used on the Subaru for trackday hire, was retained although way to stiff for the drag racing environment, along with the 4-pot AP Racing brake calipers and 304mm AP Racing rotors. This AP Racing set-up combines the rotors with aluminium bells allowing around a 1.5kg saving per corner of un-sprung mass over the Subaru 4-pots and the Tein suspension nets a further 3kgs per corner.

The engine ran faultlessly all day thanks to it's protection provided by Sunoco's Synturo Racing synthetic engine oil.

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Mocom Racing - Fast road & trackday specialists