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Mocom Racing Fuel rails with -6AN JIC fittings
Fuel rails with -6AN JIC fittings
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 Average Customer Rating:
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 Product Prices:
Phase 1 MY93-96 -6AN fittings exchange 109.33
Phase 1 MY93-96 -6AN fittings outright purchase 200.00
Phase 1.5 MY97-98 -6AN fittings exchange 109.33
Phase 1.5 MY97-98 -6AN fittings outright purchase 200.00
Phase 2 MY99-00 -6AN fittings exchange 109.33
Phase 2 MY99-00 -6AN fittings outright purchase 200.00
Product Information:
Original Subaru fuel rails converted with -6AN JIC fittings for parallel fuel supply configuration - to fit phase 1 and phase 2 Subaru EJ20 series engine. (1992-2000 Classic shaped Impreza)

Priced as pairs, converted, plated and ready to fit

Please note if purchasing on an exchange basis
To qualify for the exchange pricing we will need your existing rails in our possession prior to any converted rails being dispatched. Any rails supplied to us must be for the same MY converted rails that you are purchasing and they must be in a good serviceable condition. Failure to follow these rules will result in being charged for an outright purchase.

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Customer reviews:

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Item Review Mocom Racing Fuel rails -6AN fittings 09/05/2009

Product rating:

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Nice and shinny with the standard injector cap screws replaced with stainless allen key connectors. The -6AN fittings allow a larger 7mm diameter braided hose that will flow more fuel.

The driverside rail required two 90 degree speedflow fittings to clear the cambelt cover and turbo scroll. I ran the rails in series reversing the fuel flow across cylinders 1 and 3 to match the firing order.
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Product Images:
Fuel rails with -6AN JIC fittings
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