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Thursday 29 September 2022  
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Mocom Racing 4 Wheel Alignment / geometry set-up
4 Wheel Alignment / geometry set-up
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4 wheel alignment adjusting all 4 wheels from 90.00
4 wheel alignment check and recommendation only 45.00
Product Information:
Using the latest in computer aided vehicle alignment technology from Hunter, Mocom Racing can measure the geometry, or alignment, of all 4 wheels on your vehicle with total accuracy.
Using these 4 wheel alignment measurements along with a certain amount of feedback from you, allows us to evaluate your current set-up and offer recommendations on any adjustments that can be made to improve your vehicles handling.

To fully optimise your chassis, please click here for our corner weighting services.

Why you should have your 4 wheel alignment (geometry) checked.

  • to optimise chassis balance - geometric variations between the alignment of the 4 wheels that don't sound much between each corner really do have quite a marked affect on your vehicles handling which increases with speed
  • to prevent premature tyre wear - any set-up that is less than optimal will result in premature tyre wear. It's no good setting the 4 wheel alignment of a rep mobile to that of a circuit car as the excessive camber will result in premature wear of the inside tyre edge. Any toe settings dialed in that do not suit the use of your car can cause unnecessary tyre scrub again resulting in premature tyre wear.
  • to maximise fuel economy - being an easy target all motorists feel the pinch whether it be from spiraling fuel costs, vehicle excise duty or motorway tolls (I've said for years that the VED should be worked into the price of fuel but that's for discussion another time!) and the last thing you want is to be using excessive fuel when a basic 4 wheel alignment check can prevent this. Any tyre scrub from less than optimal geometry settings will increase fuel consumption, it's difficult to quantify but it will cost you more in the long run.

A 4 wheel alignment or geometry check will measure

-Camber angles both front and rear
-Castor angle
-Toe angles both front and rear
-Thrust angle

Additional measurements can be made to determine track width, tyre temperature, camber curves, toe curves, bump steer etc. to enable the optimum track set-up possible.

Mocom Racing offer this 4 wheel alignment (geometry) and corner weighting services for complete chassis optimisation of your road, track, drift, rally or race car for Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties.

All geometry and corner weighting services are conducted from our fully equipped workshop on the Essex & Suffolk border, just a 30 minute drive from Stansted Airport, 10 minutes from Braintree Freeport and 5 minutes from Sudbury.

Email us now to arrange your 4 wheel alignment appointment.
Alternatively you can call the workshop on 01787 275074 but please appreciate that we are not a national call centre, we are a small and very busy hands on team so should the phone go to voicemail, please do leave a message and we will return your call at our earliest opportunity.

We have a new website hosted by Tsohost dedicated to our ECU mapping services for all 'non Subaru' vehicles - please take a minute to browse and let us know what you think, we welcome all constructive feedback :)
Customer reviews:

All customer reviews for this item are shown below.

Item Review 4 WHEEL ALIGNMENT 02/08/2007

Product rating:

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Very pleased with the service rcvd.
Helpful, Informative and quick.
Will use again in the future.
Item Review 4 wheel alignment 12/03/2009

Product rating:

Review by:

Driving home knowing all four wheels are facing in the same direction such pleasure is hard to find. Oh and a printout to proove it. Thanks Mocom
Item Review 4 Wheel Alignment 17/09/2012

Product rating:

Review by:

Well pleased, fast road set-up combined with the Prodrive springs provide excellent road holding and comfort.
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4 Wheel Alignment / geometry set-up
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